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Welcome to Catch at St.Regis
Located within the premises of Nation Riviera Beach Club, Catch at St. Regis is the newest addition amongst the many award winning restaurants of The St. Regis Abu Dhabi. Introducing an ambiance of elegance and sophistication, Catch at St. Regis invites all discerning seafood taste makers and connoisseurs to embark on contemporary and occidental cuisine full of flavors and innovative presentations with a highlight on Caviar sturgeons, Oysters, Sushi and Crabs. Enter the culinary seduction of Abu Dhabi's capital city and allow your senses to enjoy the flavors and tastes of special creations.
Featured Offers
  • New Year's Eve Sensational Supper
    New Year's Eve Sensational Supper


    Embark on a unique New Year's Eve celebration complemented with uplifting live music at the Michelin Guide‑selected restaurant, Catch at St. Regis.

  • Christmas Day Brunch
    Christmas Day Brunch


    Experience an exquisite Christmas brunch with seaside vibes and savor into a vast variety of contemporary seafood flavors and recipes, complemented by the tunes of live entertainment.